TRACKCHAIN Graduated Startup Lab Mexico

09 Aug

It is a space dedicated to inspire, connect and empower people with innovative ideas, entrepreneurs and startups.

It seeks to support entrepreneurs with high impact projects focused on government solutions, mobile applications, social projects, electronic commerce, logistics, medical tourism and mobile education. It offers shared office space, networks of contacts with capital funds, specialized mentors, financing workshops, intellectual protection counseling and the opportunity to turn dreams into reality.

They are recognized by the National Institute of the Entrepreneur as a high impact incubator.

High impact incubation program.

They generate an environment where entrepreneurs can focus exclusively on the development of their project, putting at their reach human, physical and financial resources that maximize their chance of success.

The aim of the incubation is to strengthen the creativity, innovation and management capacities of high-impact entrepreneurs, as well as to seek links with financing sources that allow them to take their projects to national and international markets.

StartupLab MX focuses its incubation model on high impact projects which have the following three characteristics:

• They have a double nature business model.

• These are projects that can be replicated and scaled globally.

• Its competitive advantage is based on innovation processes.

During the incubation process, TRACKCHAIN was one of the most valued projects that generated the greatest traction within the program, with an extraordinary participation within the activities of the Demo Day that generated interest, contact with investors and accelerators of important businesses in Latin America, for raise capital and scale the project exponentially.