Finalists Heineken Green Challenge

08 Nov

More and more companies are joining the fight against global warming and this is the case of the Heineken brewery in collaboration with the most important entrepreneurship festival in Mexico, INC MTY, launching, for the first time, the contest called Heineken Green Challenge.

It is an excellent opportunity that undoubtedly encourages innovation in entrepreneurs by proposing solutions that help reduce the carbon footprint in different aspects. The company's goal for 2020 is to reduce 40% of the CO2 emissions it generates in production, 20% in distribution and 50% in refrigeration in the operation of the organization. According to Forbes, the company was named the most sustainable brewer.

What is the Heineken Green Challenge? "We present the HEINEKEN GREEN CHALLENGE, a contest that seeks to bring together the most creative minds who want to make our planet a better place. The challenge is to reduce CO2 from the atmosphere. If you are interested in participating, all you have to do is present a proposal to reduce CO2 and solve the problems caused by the excessive production of it. "

 (Information presented directly from the official Heineken website.)

We are very pleased to report that we were selected finalists.

The appointment of our participation took place at the Tecnológico de Monterrey entrepreneurship center, MTY campus, where we presented our proposal before a jury of experts from Heineken and Tec de Monterrey.

We thank Heineken and INC MTY for the opportunity. In the specific case of TRACKCHAIN, we seek to make HEINEKEN's products and supply chain more transparent, traceable and sustainable. Through the innovation of our traceability and logistics system implementing Blockchain, IoT, and AI technology.